Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A prayerful suggestion. Or, Put a Sock In It

       I don't normally respond to every offensive thing I see or hear about the Church, or I'd be responding all day.  I used to do that, but then I discovered that my house was dirty and my children needed to be fed.  This is my one commentary in response to what I've seen in the last twenty four hours.  
       Our Holy Father announced yesterday his intention of retiring at the end of the month.  The obligatory Pope jokes ensued. That's to be expected,,yeah yeah, funny, ok, I can take a lick or two.  What is also to be expected, though I really had hoped not, was that the detractors are now coming out of the woodwork to add their two cents (overvalued) on how our beloved Shepherd- this holy, learned, prolific, humble and honored Pontiff -was a pedophile protector (barf), a suppressor of women (teehee), a money grubbing egomaniac (oh, PLEASE), and a Nazi. uh huh,,yep,,that's him - a Nazi. This man who suffers greatly for the sake of millions is a Nazi. un. believable.  They forgot to throw in that he's an enemy of social justice. So far.

     The distressing element of having the woodwork lurkers offering such sage nuggets today,  is that the world has changed greatly since our last Papal election.  There is acridity in words that we didn't used to have.  There's more "celebration" of dissention as an "alternative world view".  This emboldens a would-be mud-slinger into an actual mud-slinger.  There's a level of civility no longer present in polite company.  Actually, I find it difficult to FIND polite company.  Am I a rube for thinking that discourse should be respectful? I am hopeless.  Regardless, people are enemies now.  As such, the attacks are vicious.  On my Church. And hailed as "brave" for being so bold - isn't that just...fantastic. 

     So,  instead of having a personal disagreement with the Holy Mother Church's perfection, (which of course indicates an ignorance, a misunderstanding, or a hurt - and mostly pride),  the cry goes out that "the antiquated, outdated, male-run oppressor, the Church, MUST change, MUST bend to the will of the people".   There's a vague hope that the Holy Father's successor won't be just "more of the same", and that the Catholic Church will keep up with the times (holy cow, it's the 60's again,,).  

     I said my Hail Mary's, so now I type:  Why, if you have issues with the Church, do you insist on remaining Catholic?  Do you find the Blessed Sacrament to be the Source and the Summit of your existence?  If Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist is indeed, precious to you, please, remain Catholic, and get catechized. Read the Church Doctors, read papal encyclicals, and read Holy Scripture. On the other hand, after you prayerfully consider that you DON"T believe what the Church teaches, kindly find a "church" that suits you better.  And go there. Quietly.

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  1. It is very disturbing, to see people yearning for the Church to bend to their whims. They do not consider the beauty and Truth of Church teachings with an open heart and humble disposition. Nor do they wish to dig further into the Catechism to understand. I agree that it is pride.

    I'll continue to pray and offer up their jabs, with full confidence that the graces will not go wasted, and will be used where they are needed most.