Thursday, April 24, 2014

shoe, fly

Dropped off Matt at school.  Raced home. Appointment at 9:40, it's now ten til 9.  Bathed two babies. Oh, my word, I do believe their feet are stained black.  Clippers? can't find 'em, oh well, maybe doctor won't call DSS.  Cute outfits. Ish.  Well, they're clean anyhow.  That equals cute, here.

Now shoes.  We have shoes in baskets. We have shoes carpeting floors. We have shoes under beds. We have shoes lining the left hand side of every staircase there is in this house. We have shoes cascading out of closets and gym bags. Oh my word, I cannot find ONE matched pair for the babies!  EVERYONE! Start praying to St.Anthony, QUICK!  All hands on deck....SEARCH!  It's now 9:20.  Success finding the pippers that look like sneakers for Johnny.  Oh, geesh, there's one boot and one sneaker for Mary,,,WAIT! TWO SANDALS! woohooo! With socks, that counts as shoes!

Mad dash to strap them in and book it to the doc's.  Unload, diaper in hand (diaper bags are for rookies), barrel into office - "WE'RE HERE! phew!"  it's 9:51.  They graciously still take us. Because they're doing me a favor, right?

"Gee, there's a breeze at my ankles."  Look down from the counter where I am handing over co-pay money.  Mommy is wearing leopard print slide on slippers.

And the beat goes on....

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